KWO Kunststoffteile:



Since 1981, KWO has been manufacturing high-precision plastics parts for high-tech applications in the automotive and customer goods industry:

High precision injection molded parts | Plastic-metal hybrid production | LSR two-shot applications | High-quality multi-component plastic part production | Component assembly

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Tool Construction

Since 1971, KWO Kunststoffteile GmbH has built molds for injection molding of plastic components that meet the highest requirements for applications in electronics, electrical engineering and automotive.

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Jobs & career

To support our growth we seek for motivated employees who want to play a role in shaping the future of KWO in Offenau.

We offer professional education and career opportunities for a number of areas, such as mold making, injection molding, design drafting and mechatronics.

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Injection-molding for high precision technical components requires highly development manufacturing processes.a particularly high degree of accuracy. We guarantee this precision through our production system with optimised processes, latest technical equipment such as MES and though the personal commitment of our highly trained employees.

KWO manufactures plastic-metal-hybrid components by overmolding or stitching, a fully-automatic, modularised assembly process to fit plastic components with spamped contacts.



Multi-component (two-shot) injection moulding combines various materials to form high-quality complex plastics components. Compared to the conventional one-shot method, it provides the significant added value of functional improvement and flexibility in the design of the component.

Complex assemblies, which consist of several components made of the same or different materials and which satisfy highest customer requirements, are created in a variety of assembly processes using different methods, such as ultrasonic welding, bonding and printing.